Monday, January 31, 2011

First finish for 2011

I have lots of ideas and inspiration for all sorts of things to make, but so far have only managed one finish. This Perfect Pear pincushion was designed by the Quilted Crow girls in Tassie and was so easy to make (which is why it appealed to me so much!) I've used a combination of gorgeous felted wools purchased online from Hatched Patched in Bathurst,NSW and from Kerry at Cottage on the Hill at Nundle, NSW. It's filled with crushed walnut shells, also from Hatched and Patched. I've not used this filling before and will be ordering more; so much easier than stuffing. Make sure you use a little funnel to transfer the shell grit into the pincushion, otherwise those teeny tiny little bits travel all over the place. Can you tell who had to do a big cleanup afterwards? Hope you are all having a fun year so far. Happy stitching!
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