Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life and other stuff

Meals at my place are usually pretty casual and eaten in front of the telly.  Very slack, I know. Last night was different, though   - roast pork, veges, gravy and apple sauce, eaten at the table and accompanied by music and something nice to drink. Followed by sponge cake with cream and strawberries.  Yum. And yes, we were celebrating.  Some weeks ago, a spot on my husband's head was diagnosed as a melanoma. It was dealt with quickly,  with  removal and stitches and a skin graft and multiple dressings. Yesterday the dressings were removed and my husband was able to wash his hair at last and had his hair cut today. The wound sites aren't pretty but they've healed and the surgeon is confident he got all the nasty stuff. So over those weeks we've gone from staring-into-the-abyss awfulness to feeling very thankful - quite a transition.

More thankful feelings today -  at least for me. At last it was time to open our Christmas in July swap parcels. Marilyn in NSW was my partner. Lucky me.  I love my new hot water bottle cover (which came complete with a hot water bottle - how good is that!) Our weather continues to be cold and wet - so I reckon that hottie will be just the thing tonight ( as long as the snowman doesn't melt.) Thanks again, Marilyn - and thanks to Cheryll for another fun swap.

There's been a bit of a crafting lull lately. I had a bad cold for ages, along with a  dose of the blues, but thankfully normal service has resumed. I now have another great-nephew (Koby)  in  Townsville, Queensland so have enjoyed making a few  little things for him. I do hope his big brothers let him play with his fish! There should be a bib as well, but it turned out to be  - um - terribly lopsided. Don't know how I managed that. It's a talent. Not tempted to have another go right away as I hate sewing curves anyway. And can't you just tell by looking at that fish that my stuffing technique needs some work.  Jodie Ric Rac, your title of Stuffing Queen is safe and  I'm sure Koby won't be nearly as picky as his great-auntie is!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ready to post to....???

These cheerful packages of seasonal craftiness are all ready to be sent to their new home as part of Cheryll's Christmas in July swap. They've been ready for ages, right before my sewjo went missing, so I thought I was well-organised - but now I can't find my partner's details. Not posting till Friday so that gives me 2 days to hunt in my messy sewing room before contacting our fabulous swap mama for help.Wish me luck!
Edited to add: All sorted now, posting tomorrow. Thanks for coming to the rescue, Shez.