Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Life is usually pretty quiet at my place but  it's been eventful these last few months.

Event 1:  I retired three months ago - hooray! I have time to do stuff - or not to do stuff - or just think about doing stuff - loving that. Today I went to the library where I used to work and took part in a watercolour painting workshop. I produced a slightly lopsided cupcake which I am nevertheless awfully proud of. It's so nice to do something different.

Event 2: Crafty Hijinks in Ballarat - what a great event that was. Catching up with old friends, meeting blogging friends for real, eating, chatting, buying stuff, doing a little bit of sewing - what larks. Thanks to Jodie Ric-Rac and Gillian ( - from Adelaide, no less; that girl does like a road trip!) for having a little idea for a little get-together that grew - from little things big things grow, and all that.

Event 3: My lovely aunt and uncle from NZ came to stay for a few days following a visit to their daughter in Adelaide. My family is Scottish and my uncle David and his brother Alan in Glasgow are the only survivors of  a family of eight children, who included my dad. He's the fine young chap on the right; this was taken when he was with the RAF Wireless Unit in the Middle East Forces during the war (all duly and neatly noted on the back of the pic).  My aunt and uncle also brought me some beautiful crocheted doilies made by my Auntie Molly, who died a few years ago. I feel so lucky to have all these special family things.
The weather was kind to us and we spent a great day at Sovereign Hill and the next day enjoyed a wander by the lake and the Botanical Gardens near home.

Event 4: My husband retired last week - hooray! and we finally bought a record player - hooray! again. Mind you, these two events are purely coincidental. We're having fun relaxing together, pottering around home and delving into the record box for gems not heard for many years. We still remember all the words of our favourite songs though!

Event 5: TBA - a road trip to my husband's old home town of Forbes in the central west of NSW. It will be a happy trip this time; the last visit there was earlier this year for his sister's funeral. It was, of course, a very sad occasion, but good all the same to catch up with friends and other family members. Oh, and I went to visit a blogger - Simone who lives in the town and was lovely to meet. On the way to Forbes we are detouring to Bathurst for a bloggers' get-together (I know - two in one year - yep, I'm spoilt!) It's organised by the wonderful Chookyblue who I am dying to meet. What fun!

That's it so far for this year - who knows what other fun stuff is around the corner?