Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swaps and autumn colour

Being part of two birthday swap groups meant lots of lovely extra pressies for my birthday last week.

In my online group, Friends in Stitching, the rule is to make for/give your partner gifts beginning with the initial of the town you come from. Being very literal was optional. So from Kerri in Echuca I received this elegant stitching tote, plus extras (pins, a tape measure, a notebook - sorry if I've forgotten anything, Kerri!) and an easy pattern for making fruit-themed pincushions. Excellent choices - thanks so much.

The girls in the birthday fat quarter swap group Maree organises every year came up with inspired, eclectic choices in keeping with my wish list - fresh and modern, reproductions and 1930s. And the extras - giant emery boards (so cute!) embroidery threads, little scissors, a gorgeous mug mat/mini quilt and a softie pattern. So generous - thank you all very much.

I had a lovely birthday - I usually work on a Friday but had arranged to take the day off and had a relaxing time at home. There was reading, and music, and stitching, and fabric patting , and lots of Facebook messages during the day, and phone calls and a lovely meal out at night. So nice.

Autumn is on its last gasp (sigh - it's my favourite season, love the colours ) and as well as taking some garden shots I roamed around the house with the camera, and here's what I found.

Edited to add: Blogger isn't playing nicely and all my pics have ended up at the top of this post; I can't move them around as everything is in HTML code - but I'm sure you will work it out!