Sunday, February 15, 2009

....but not so great for so many

While my year has been humming along quite merrily, if rather haphazardly, so many have had a terrible few weeks. So many lives lost in Victoria's terrible fires, so many homes destroyed, so many communities shattered or burned out of existence.
What has not been lost is the great spirit demonstrated by those affected by the fires - many are keen to rebuild their homes and their communities as soon as possible - by the generous public all around the world and by emergency services crews and all other helpers.
In company with so many others, I've donated to the Red Cross - have you? Please do! - and bid on crafty online auctions.
Feeling the need to do something other than pressing buttons on the computer, I've made some little carry bags which are now filled with textas, a colouring book and scribble pad; a little effort which I hope will bring some cheer into a few little girls' lives.
I've made these in response to an online plea from Monica at Check it out - and check out Nikki's post to see the heap of colourful bags made at the sewing bee she organised yesterday (
Inspired by the gorgeous pics Annie posts on her blog, I've posted this shot of my favourite rose (taken BEFORE all the petals dried in the horrible hot weather) because it's so pretty, and also because its name - Best Friend - is so appropriate. There is such a need of good friends right now, and so many of us are being just that to people we may never meet, because we should, and because we can.