Sunday, April 8, 2012


What a lazy blogger - I haven't posted since Boxing Day. Just as well I didn't make a New Year resolution to blog more in 2012, although that was my intention. Ah well.

There's been some crafting, some gardening and lots of reading (which is the main reason why there hasn't been much crafting - once I get my nose stuck into a book I'm in my own little world). A few little jaunts, including the annual pilgrimage to Port Fairy in March for the always-fabulous folk festival. It was such a treat to see and hear the legendary Judy Collins and we LOVED Abigail Washbourne and Kai Welch .

There's also been lots of lurking on blogs - so many lovely people and so much good stuff out there - and the usual boring-but-necessary stuff (like going to work). The PayPal account has had a bit of a work-out - lovely strokeable Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy (SUCH good quality) and Rouenneries Deux. One of these days I will have to stop admiring them (and all the other stuff in my stash) and actually do something with them...