Sunday, July 25, 2010

catching up

this post comes from paris, where we are sitting in an internet cafe near the pantheon and other wonderful buildings & struggling a bit with the european keyboard.this is still our favourite city & we are here for 6 days - wonderful. yesterday we admired the lady &unicorn tapestries in the cluny museum, relaxed in the luxembourg gardens and generally gawped a we will probably go to montmartre where we stayed 9 years ago, eiffel tower and maybe other places; there's so much to see & do & lots of gardens to relax in, too; i have done a little bit of the stitching i took away with me but have only seen 1 patchwork shop so far - in lyon last week & it was closed; very sad. i am speaking lots of bad french & eating far too much great food; will probably look like a croissant when i get home.singapore is the next stop before home; our daughter rosy is joining us & we are all looking forward to our time together. we have had a lovely time catching up with friends in copenhagen, portugal and france and are loving our travels (apart from arriving at a strange railway station with our luggage & wondering where the hell to go); au revoir