Saturday, October 30, 2010

So much stuff!

Actually, I should change the heading to Too much stuff! because that is what I have in my sewing room, which right now looks as though a tornado has whipped through.

Last weekend I bought a storage chest to house my craft patterns and have had a lovely time sorting them out and also sorting scraps by colour into different bags (and who knows where I'm going to put THEM). The wardrobe is full of STUFF , the chest of drawers is overflowing with fabric, I can't sit on the chair because it's covered in STUFF and the bookshelves are groaning with craft books and magazines.

And it's getting worse because I keep ordering and buying more STUFF - fabrics from the US because the dollar is so favourable, books from Book Depository because the prices are much cheaper than here and there's no postage charge, all sorts of goodies from Annie Flower Garden and Jodie's fabulous crafty garage sale this morning ...

And despite having been doing lots of stitching this month, I haven't actually FINISHED much and now I can't get near the sewing machine because - yes, you guessed it - there's so much STUFF in the way!! Did I hear someone say "destash"???

Not going to post a photo of the disaster zone - it's too scary. But I will have to get a move on with the clearing up because there are Christmas gifts to make and swaps to complete. And more discoveries to be made of things I'd forgotten about/hadn't seen for ages/couldn't find because of having SO MUCH STUFF!! Wish me luck.