Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thank you, and PIF partners

Thank you all so much for welcoming me so warmly to blogland! I am really so pleased to be part of such a great community. And I now have two PIF partners - Julie of Bush Baby Jag and Working Mom Knits in the US; isn't that great! There's still room for one more - you know the score; you sign up for my PIF adventure; I make and send your gift within 365 days and each of you sends out a message asking for your own three partners, and so the home-made happiness rolls on. What a great thing to be involved in. Hope you have all had a great weekend. Enjoy your week.


RG said...

Woohooo!! Hi Jan...thanks for posting my parcel...I'm excited!! :p
Are you gonna save yours till Christmas or would you like to open them together??? What do you think?
Let me know :o)
Oh and did I say thanks...I'm sure I will love what you have made...**big grin**
Have a great day,
Robyn xx

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Jan. I hope you have a wonderful day.
x Sarah

Thimbleanna said...

Welcome to Blogland! You'll love doing a PIF -- I did one a while back and had lots of fun doing it!

Annie said...

Welcome to Blogland and I look forward to meeting you on Saturday at Trash and Treasure

Locket Pocket said...

Hi Jan - welcome to blogland (albeit a bit of a late welcome!)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog about Fred's reading!

Have fun with Trashy at the weekend - I'm so jealous!!!

Lucy x

Nikki said...

Great to meet you today, Jan! Sorry we didn't get to finish our conversation.. Will hopefuilly catch up again one day.

Anonymous said...