Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swaps - and sew on

After being stricken (yep, I think the word is appropriate and not overly dramatic, given I really was laid low for a while) with pneumonia, I'm back in the real world and nearly as good as new. Back enjoying life, reading, sunny days, my garden, good company. Back to work (and glad to be there - I'm sure that will wear off!) and back to simple sewing - which is great, given I have a few projects to complete. Nothing to show and tell right now (my Stitcher's Angel partner has probably not received her parcel yet and my partner and I in the Christmas fat quarter swap organised by Jenny from Elefantz and Vicki from Tozz's Corner have also swapped blog addresses, so better not show what I'm sending her. Hi, Sandy!
But because a picture is worth a thousand words (and pretties up a post very nicely), I do have a few to share.

This is my Stitchers' Angel gift from Dolores in Canada - an apron, thread basket, shopping list pad, magnets, threads and a lovely handmade card. There was also a gorgeous hand-made bookmark cross-stitched with a rosebud and my initials. Unfortunately, after spending ages this morning transferring photos I accidentally deleted that pic - twit!

And this is the first Oriental poppy bloom of the season in my garden. The plant looked quite dejected last year and no wonder - the dogs kept lying on it. Now it's all lush green leaves and big red flowers.

And this iris makes me feel so cool on our hot days. I have blue and yellow irises too, along with masses of roses, dianthus and all sorts of other goodies; it's a lovely (and fragrant) time in the garden.


Allie said...

SO glad you're feeling better - and no, I don't think "stricken" is overstating it!
What a lovely package from Dolores! That had to cheer you up immensely. And your beautiful flowers oh I'm so jealous. Enjoy some of the lovely fragrance for me, ok?


Hi Jan--so glad you are feeling soo much better--take care now to over do it for awhile--ok??? Love the flowers--it's so crazy to see spring flowers in bloom--where here it is fall and even all the leaves are pretty much gone--so the hills are all just brown now as are all the gardens--but we do have colorful fabric inside to keep one self busy and in the "color" !!!!
Hugs, Di

Robyn said...

Hi Jan,
I'm so very pleased to hear that you're on the mend.
Pneumonia can be a terrible thing to shake!!
Love to hear from you and sure do love your flowers, especially the Poppy...one of my fave flowers!

SandyN said...

Hello Jan,

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I will be sending your gift tomorrow (Wednesday).

Sandy N

Annie said...

Glad you're well again, Love your poppie - mine are out too. Love them.