Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another earthquake

My heart goes out to everyone in Christchurch affected by today's earthquake. The images on TV remind me of a city in wartime - crushed or badly damaged buildings, people being rescued, people wandering around in a daze, emergency accommodation set up in parks... I was brought up in NZ and have fond memories of holiday visits to this beautiful city as a child and later as an adult. My family lived in the Wellington area, and as there is an earthquake fault line through the centre of the north island earthquake drill was a regular part of my schooldays. An earthquake like the one that devastated Napier in the 1930s (hence all that city's fabulous Art Deco buildings) would have been expected in Wellington, not Christchurch - and certainly not twice in six months. So sad. This afternoon I logged onto the Google NZ site, which has an area where people can search for names, or post information that they're okay; fortunately the names of my Christchurch friends weren't listed. Fingers crossed for them, and for everyone who is missing or injured.


Jo in TAS said...

War scenes just shouldn't happen in such peaceful places, so devastating!

Linda said...

We have been praying and donating to the Red Cross for all the people affected...so sad...earthquakes are so terrible because you can't really prepare for them too much...we have them here too, but we haven't had anything near that in California in years. Good thoughts and prayers to your beautiful country!