Thursday, January 16, 2014


After a quiet Christmas and New Year, it's been a week of socialising.
Firstly with the lady on the right  - Shez and I met for the first time last week after being blogging and FB friends for a while. It was good to meet her at last - and to discover that I'm her partner in Cheryll's Initial Heart Swap. Which was pretty funny, because guess what - she's MY partner. And yes, it's a secret swap! She handed over a big bag of goodies which I  haven't opened because I haven't finished her gift/s yet. What fun! And who says the camera never lies - Shez is really MUCH taller than I am!
My new friend came with me to meet my old blogging and real life friend Cathy the next day. Cathy and her daughter Georgia were having a few days in Melbourne and had decided to come up to Ballarat and visit Sovereign Hill. It was terrific to see Cathy again; she's lots of fun (and rather cheeky LOL) and to meet Georgia.
And I've been spending lots of time with this girl - my daughter Rosy (our only child) back from China for a short visit during her Chinese New Year break. Unlike me, she's enjoying our heatwave (and so is her dad). Lots of relaxing, lots of chats, lots of laughs; it's great as of course we don't get to see each other very often.
We'll probably be a bit more active next week. And I must take the Christmas decorations down; they were left  up for atmosphere as she doesn't get to celebrate Christmas in China. We exchanged gifts - I made a huge stocking from a Spotlight panel and crammed in two Christmasses worth of gifts and presents for Rosy's last birthday too. Postal arrangements to China can be a bit dodgy; in fact the first lot of Christmas presents in the stocking had been posted to her and not received and finally made its way back to us. My husband and I enjoyed our  usual quiet  Christmas - but Christmas in January 2014 has been REALLY special!


Anonymous said...

what good times we have had Jan,looking forward to our next meeting and thankyou for the opportunity to meet Cathy and Georgia,such lovely ladies.
Have fun with your lovely Rosie and we will catch up soon.xx

Simone Harding said...

A great week of gatherings and celebrating Jan.
So happy you got to spend time with your daughter too.

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a lovely time you have had. Enjoy your special time with your girl.

Annie said...

Wow Jan, you socialite...what about breakfast at Mill rose Tomorrow!

Maree: said...

Looks like you had Fun meeting the Girl's
And a Special Time with your Daughter

Susan said...

All that lovely socialising is making up for the horrible weather. How lovey to have all those celebrations with your daughter at once.

Grethe said...

Nice seeing you with Shez, and being on fb (not active) I love the picture of you and your DD.
Happy Sewing time in February, Jan:-)

Roseanne said...

You just don't now when Cathy will pop up and Georgia.